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S A M A 
Meaning EQUAL in Indonesian.
That is our mission.
Equality, inclusion, love and understanding. 

S A M A is a brand for those of love, with a desire to make change and take a stand, not only for themselves, but for everyone!

Reflecting on their own experiences of sexism, homophobia and toxic masculinity, founders Rachael and Alex wanted to create something to help break down taboos and start a conversation.  Something that allows people to take back, if only in a small way, their autonomy. 

The name S A M A is inspired by Alex's Indonesian heritage.  A word meaning equal. A simple, beautiful word that unfortunately, to this day, is not inclusive of all peoples.

Our feminism and pride is inclusive and intersectional, meaning all of our products are ungendered and size inclusive. We strongly believe that anything other than that is not a mission to make us sama at all. 

We aim to support our community through our products and we take pride in standing with you.  For every product sold  S A M A donates 10% of the proceeds to charities that are helping support our communities. It is important to us to work with like minded people and artists, please do get in touch if this is you. 

For all the people striving and fighting to be equal, we will continue to lift you up and hope you enjoy the products we have created for you.