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Ending Period Poverty

In 2018, charity KidsCan announced the results of their nationwide survey on period poverty. Putting the hard truths in front of the country. 

Not only has the taboo and shame around periods meant that people have been unable to freely speak about their experiences but it also means that the suffering of millions goes unnoticed because, 'ew periods'


 Photo credit: Alice SkinnerPhoto credit: Alice Skinner


The Survey

The survey gathered information from 5000 participants nationwide.


"● 53.1% said they had found it difficult to access sanitary items due to cost at some point (8.6% frequently, 44.5% occasionally).
● 23.6% said they had missed school or work due to a lack of access to sanitary wear."
KidsCan, 2018.



It is not an uncommon truth for people to stuff socks, rags, book pages, or newspaper into their underwear because sanitary items are not part of the budget.  Or for primary school girls to go without because they're too embarrassed to ask for products their families can't afford.

Period Poverty is a silent shame putting millions of lives at risk through the unsanitary measures people are forced to use. It affects the education of those who miss school. It alienates people, causing mental strains that lead to stress, embarrassment, isolation, anxiety and depression.  


Breaking The Taboo


photo credit: Hey Ellen


There is not only monetary work to be done here. We need social change. We need to end the stigma, fight back against the taboo. 
Scream your period from the rooftops...or at least talk about them. (Though if you do want to make more of a statement, our MENSTRUATING sweater will do just that as well as donating 10% of the proceeds to charities like the ones listed below).

It's not only the people who have periods who have work to do. Those who don't also have a part to play. So if that is you, don't grimace, don't make jokes, don't tease or shame. 
Periods are natural, normal, wonderful, painful, stress inducing, hormone fueled and a pain in the arse, and are nothing to feel shame of. 


How you can help

If you're in New Zealand, here are some amazing charities doing fantastic work that would love your support.

The Good Fund